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children & youth summer schedule 2018

Upcoming Events



Describe your event here. Where's it happening, and when does it start?


May 30th – August 1st

Wed, May 30:     Board Game Night, 6:30-8
Wed, June 6:      Regular Schedule
Wed, June 13:    Fun Night at the House, 6-8
Wed, June 20:    Youth Sunday Schedule, 6-8:30
Sun, June 24:     Team Spirit Sunday
Wed, June 27:    Regular Schedule
Fri, June 29:       C&Y Outing - Movie Night, 6-8
Wed, July 4:       Holiday (No Bible Study)
Wed, July 12:     Regular Schedule
TBA:                   East Lake Initiative Music Camp
Wed, July 18:     Youth Sunday Schedule: 6-8:30
Sun, July 22:       HFC Tent Service and Picnic
Wed, July 25:     Movie Night, 6:30-8
TBA:                   East Lake Initiative, Created With A                                     Purpose (Girls ages 8-15)
Wed, Aug. 1:      C&Y Outing - Bowling, 6-8

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