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Barrett Elementary School


HFC has partnered with Altadena Valley Presbyterian Church to provide support to the students and faculty at Barrett Elementary School, which is located here in the Eastlake Community by providing weekly tutoring and mentoring. Additionally, there are semi-annual work days to aid the school to maintain the grounds and facilities. Through our Mercy Ministry and a partnership with Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church, we also extend a helping hand each Thanksgiving and Christmas season to sponsor a select number of student families that have been identified by the staff as needing some additional assistance.

Fall & Summer Community Outreach Events


Each year HFC hosts a number of events not only as a time of fellowship for members, but also as a way to reach our and serve the Eastlake Community. These events include a summer event as well as our annual Fall Harvest Festival.

Eastview Healthcare Center Nursing Home


Eastview Healthcare Center is a senior nursing facility located here in the Eastlake Community. Scripture teaches that true religion is to care for the widows and that we are to give honor to the elderly. HFC seeks to obey Christ in this area through various efforts for the Eastview residents and staff including a monthly communion service, care packages and a caroling visit several times a year.

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